The pandemic in the Philippines

The pandemic in the Philippines

this is my first time

The pandemic in the Philippines,
this is my first time to saw this kind of pandimec, all over in the Philippines,
in my ages at 37 existing in this world,

this is the only pandimec I experience, all over in the Philippines, in the year of March 12 2020

sky view on manila


the President of the Republic of the Philippines,President Duterte announces lockdown of Manila over coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak concerns March 12; all land, sea, and air travel to and from the capital to be suspended, all over the Philippines,

the lockdown is started

when the lockdown is started I am staying at Parañaque City Metro manila,witch is the capital city of the Philippines,

manypeople in manila

no one allowed to enterd to the other barangays’ except their own citizen only, the times goes bye all the establishment are close and the workers are suffer because mostly of the company here is no work no pay basis,


and again the Government imposed another extended lockdown all over in the Philippines,

the small stablishment are going to bankrupt and many stablishment already down, and many Filipinos people are suffering because they don’t have work, and many Filipinos family are starving,

and I know the Metro Manila is a capital city of the Philippines is very Busy every day,

the traffics is very crazy in everywhere in metro Manila, specially at EDSA the biggest road in Metro Manila,

but the other provinces like Mindanao and Visayas are still okay only in Manila they suffer like never before,

one of the host of the TV shows at noon show,
squera in manila
he said the one person he is a Pastor from the Mindanao he said you can stop the earthquake,

now can you stop the traffic in EDSA witch is the most crazy traffic in the Street of Metro Manila,
but when the pandimec hits after he said, all the Filipinos people are shocking,

because when they says they become reality, and the street are clear no more cars in the Street no more busses all the people are stay in their homes but,

street on  manila
there are few people in the street who bigging for foods,and the saddes things is all about the Filipino poor who’s living a simple life because they affect their lives because they don’t have enough money to buy foods,


but even the saddes times comes Filipino still fighting for their lives, Filipinos people are strong like the Japanese and Filipinos people are hardworking like also the Japanese people, right now again the Metro Manila again the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Roa Duterte declared Enhance Community Quarantine,

First week of April 2021 again the Filipino people they cried out to the President because they are lock of source of income so again we are now at Mudified enhance community quarantine,
road and bridge

the question is when this pandimec is over pray for Philippines God bless us,


this Jocelym Bason Jr from Philippines

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